Are you having issues with your washer and/or dryer? If so, you've come to the right place! Some issues do not require a repair professional, with many issues being simple enough for anyone to address. However, if the following troubleshooting tips don’t work, and your washer or dryer is still on the fritz, you’ll want to call G&G Appliance Service for an immediate washer repair or dryer repair.

Washer & Dryer Troubleshooting Tips

We're providing some of the many issues individuals run into with their washers and dryers, so if any repair feels outside of your comfort zone, call a professional for assistance. With this being said, such common washer and dryer issues include:

●      The Washer isn't Draining

Lint filters and kinks on a washer's hose are oftentimes the culprit for such issues, as they are not above the tub's water level. If the water pump is causing the issue, professional assistance is required.

●      The Dryer isn't Producing Heat Properly

If your dryer isn't getting enough airflow, this can lead to little or no heat. Make sure your dryer is getting enough airflow through the dryer vent. If that doesn't do the trick, check the settings on your dryer, or avoid putting too many clothes in the dryer. If these solutions don't solve your problem, it could be a malfunctioning heating element that requires professional repair.

●      The Machines aren't Tumbling or Spinning

A common solution for such a circumstance is that the belt has broken or come loose. If you can hear the motor running and the machine isn't spinning, it's likely that the belt is worn, snapped, or loose. Another issue could be that the door isn't closing properly or the door switch is broken, which could prevent the machine from spinning. If these issues aren't solving your problem, it could be the dryer's drum rollers, glides, or pulley. If it's your washer, it could be the washer's clutch or transmission.

●      The Washer or Dryer Won't Turn On

If your washer or dryer isn't turning on, it could mean that the machines aren't receiving enough (or any) power. However, this could also mean that mechanical knobs or timers have quit working, the circuit breaker has been tripped off, or the outlet running electricity is faulty. If these issues aren't solving your problem, there are still a few other solutions. If you're regularly using your machine, it could mean that your washer or dryer has overheated. If so, allow the motor to cool down. If the washer or dryer still isn't working after cooling down, it's time to contact a professional.


Considering the information above, there are plenty of ways you can address their washer and dryer problems. However, not all issues are easily addressed. Thankfully, G&G Appliance Service is here to fix these issues for you! Contact us today for information regarding how we can correct your washer and dryer issues.